The Guitarist

                  fingers fly

                  bend and fret

                  but no worry

                  rising up are

                  trial balloons

                  note after note

                  melodic messages

                  shaping stories

                  some from memory

                  of teachers passed

                  most newly born

                  homade harmonies

                  rise then fade away

                  replaced again and again

                  feelings floating free


                  music is not made

                  but found in and

                  liberated from

                  the deep heart’s soul

                  …into the air…

 Jeff Moredock June 2015 

Written for my neighbor and friend, Tony Boffa, an incredible guitarist, and a wonderful human being.







6 thoughts on “

  1. Olivia Heavey

    Is this the guy who wrote that song ’bout/for you that I have saved?
    Or is this another gifted soul playing the best musical instrument ever?


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