Apologies to Dr. Seuss

I am The Donald, The Donald I am

And not like any other man

I’m living large out on the stump

In this house of cards I am the Trump

Little Marco and Big Ted Cruz

Punched me hard to make me lose

They did not know I cannot bruise

I am the Donald, The Donald I am

Withstanding every media pan

The party of Lincoln, the party of Reagan

They’re on their knees and now they’re beggin’

Please, please, Dump the Trump

To them I say harrumph, harrumph

For I am The Donald nobody’s chump

I dish it out lump after lump

And when at last the votes are counted

And protests left and right are mounted

I’ll still be here still standing tall

Because I’m just too big to fall

And if it’s Clinton or Commie Bernie

I’ll be on the phone to my attorney

Cause you all know I’ve got the loot

And Trumps the card that beats a suit

I am Donald, The Donald I am

Known to all as the Flim-Flam-Man


Jeff Moredock…almost the Ides of March