Jeff Moredock, aka McClain Moredock, is a retired farmhand, lifeguard, minister, folksinger, teacher, coach, head of school, and COO.  Married to a saint, he has two children and four grandchildren, and is eternally grateful, that they are all good friends.  His first foray into the creative arts took place in 1953 when he was in the 7th grade at Dry Tavern Elementary.  His Aunt DeDe gave him a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye camera for his birthday and he immediately began taking pictures of everything around him, including his dog Velvet, the Monongahela River (too thin to walk on and too thick to drink), and a close-up of his own navel which he titled “Guess What!” and entered in a local photo contest. Receiving not even an honorable mention, he gave up art for girls and sports.  Years later when he became a teacher, he started writing poetry, and after retiring added photography and painting.  His work to date is a collection of visual and verbal observations.  He considers satire a form of meditative prayer, hoping his viewers will share his belief that too many clothes have no emperor.  Sales of his work enrich not his coffers but those of The Adirondack Art Association which maintains a gallery in Essex, NY from Memorial Day to Columbus Day. All are $99.95, as that seemed to work for Earl Scheib. He can be reached at mcmoredock@gmail.com.

                                                Jeff Moredock

To find a form that accommodates the mess,
that is the task of the artist now.
–Samuel Beckett


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Claudia Moredock Hair

    Not a day goes by Jeff, that I don’t think of you and pray for you. Your humor and good nature are wonderful medicine. Make them work for you and remember there are so many people who are praying and pulling for you. My prayers are with you every single night. Love you, dear Brother . Get well and come and see me. 😘🌹🌹


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